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Pellet Washing & Grind Washing | De-Coating | Sink-Float | Screening & De-Dusting

Pellet & Grind Washing

Pellets and regrind are often contaminated with dirt, chaff, or some other foreign material. Our wash process will rid your polymer of these property destroying impurities.
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De-Coating removes coating from plastics with a chemical wash process.
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Sink - Float

Our Sink-Float process separates materials by specific gravity.
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Sreening & De-Dusting

Screening and De-Dusting removes contaminates from reclaimable ­­pellets or grind. 
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Good for the Environment, Better for your Bottom Line
A new era in plastic reclaimation that will create a new and potentially unlimited source of plastic feedstock has arrived. An equally important side benefit is that fewer pounds of plastic will end up in already over-burdened landfills.
New, more stringent, demands made on plastic require the use of many coatings to be applied.  Among these coatings you will find clear hard coat for scratch resistance, ink and stencil inlays and designs, aluminized metal reflectors, and many more. These coatings are used in film and sheet (window glazings) optical lenses, compact discs, automotive headlamps and reflectors, and many more commercial, industrial, and residential applications. PRS uses a series of chemical washes, density separations, rinses and drying to effectively upgrade your material.
Common Recyclable Products
  • Compact Discs
  • Optical Lenses
  • Sheet (painted, window)
  • Automotive (reflectors, lenses, bumpers, facia and interiors)
  • Painted Signs
  • Aluminized Polymer Parts
  • Comingled Polymers
  • Dirty Pellets or Grind
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